As a discerning traveller, you know that the difference between a good journey and an exceptional one often comes down to the details.

You step off your private jet after a charter flight, fatigued yet exhilarated for your next adventure or business meeting.

Arriving at a Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)

Your experience from this point onwards can vary dramatically depending on one crucial factor: the Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) that welcomes you on the ground. An FBO is your gateway to a myriad of services that redefine luxury, convenience, and efficiency in private aviation.

What are FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators)?

What are FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators)?

A Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) is like the hotel reception and concierge service but for passengers and aircraft at an airport. It's a private facility, entirely separate from the terminals of commercial air travel, ensuring that those flying privately receive the tailored services they need for a seamless experience. 

An FBO offers an array of services that cater to both the aircraft and its passengers. 

Here is a rundown of what you can expect: 

  • Ground Handling 
  • Fueling Services 
  • Catering 
  • Lounge Services 
  • Concierge Services 
  • Ramp Parking 
  • Maintenance 

The Luxaviation Group runs a worldwide network of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) through its ExecuJet brand. ExecuJet specialises in providing top-tier services and facilities for a diverse client base, including corporate clients, private companies, and high-profile individuals like Heads of State and Royalty. The FBO network is equipped with its own specialised equipment and staffed by professionals trained to offer first-class service. 

Why Use FBO Services?

Streamline Your Private Jet Flights

Flying private inherently offers a seamless and expedited travel experience. However, selecting the right FBO service can enhance this further. 

FBOs elevate the passenger experience by providing plush lounges, dedicated staff, and unmatched luxury. Essentially, while the nature of private flying eliminates many travel hassles, the choice of FBO can significantly influence the level of comfort, service, and security you enjoy. 

Achieve Speed and Efficiency

FBOs are designed to balance efficiency with unparalleled comfort. While they offer quick boarding and expedited customs procedures to streamline your experience, their luxurious lounges and crew facilities emphasize private aviation's focus on personal comfort and flexibility. In this regard, the aircraft often waits for you to make sure that your schedule remains uniquely yours. 

The VIP Experience

A primary advantage of using an FBO is the level of personalised, VIP services and amenities you receive. Whether it's a VIP private lounge furnished to the highest standards or bespoke concierge services that attend to your every need, an FBO ensures your journey is as luxurious as it is efficient. 

Use FBO Services to achieve speed, efficiency and a VIP Experience

Flexibility that Matches Your Needs

FBOs offer flexible arrival and departure times and the ability to change flight plans swiftly. Specialised services, like arranging immediate ground transportation or last-minute catering, exemplify this flexibility. 


Assured Safety and Security for Aircraft Owners

For aircraft owners, the safety and security of their assets is a primary concern. FBOs, such as Luxaviation, address this concern with top-tier security measures and dedicated maintenance teams.  

Many Luxaviation locations are IS-BAH certified, ensuring adherence to internationally recognized safety standards. Notably, our Melbourne and Sydney locations have achieved Stage 3 certification, the highest level of safety recognition, making them unique in the entire continent.  

In the crew's absence, owners can be assured that their aircraft is under vigilant care and supervision, backed by the highest safety accreditations. 

Essential Services You Should Expect at Any Fixed Base Operator

Ground Handeling and Fuel Services

Ground Handling

Upon landing, ground handling services are the cornerstone of a smooth transition from air to ground. From marshalling your aircraft to offloading your luggage, expect to be met by a team of trained professionals. At ExecuJet, our FBOs—be it in Valencia or Brussels—offer ground services managed by experienced teams, ensuring the utmost efficiency. 

Fueling Services 

An FBO could reliably offer fueling services to get you back in the sky without delay. In multiple ExecuJet FBO locations, we offer competitive fuel rates to ensure that your aircraft is ready for the next leg of your journey. 


Food should be more than just sustenance; it should be an experience. Whether you're craving gourmet cuisine or simple comfort food, premier FBOs provide a variety of catering options. Our St.Gallen FBO is an excellent example where all ground services, including catering, are provided in-house. 

Passenger and Crew Services 

A distinguished FBO extends its services to passengers and crew as well. With ExecuJet FBO in various locations, you can experience 5-star handling and enjoy a range of VIP amenities, including private VIP lounges in most of our FBO locations. 

 Premier Fixed-Base Operator provide a variety of catering options
Aircraft Hangarage, Repair and Maintenance Services

Aircraft Hangarage Services 

Expect options for short or long-term hangarage services. Our Dubai FBO, for instance, offers extensive hangar space equipped with state-of-the-art climate control and security systems.

Repair and Maintenance 

Minor repairs and maintenance should be accessible in a pinch. At our Melbourne and Paris FBOs as well as other key locations, line maintenance and repair services are conveniently offered on-site. 

As an operator with our own fleet, we deeply understand the needs and requirements for aircraft maintenance and repair. This expertise is at the core of our offerings to make sure that our clients receive top-quality service. 

Lounge Services: The Art of Waiting, Elevated 

Waiting should be a pleasure, not a chore. Comfortable lounges with premium amenities are a given. ExecuJet, at many FBOs, provides intimate and well-appointed lounges to relax in privacy.  

Concierge Services

Need a limousine, a hotel booking, or even a pet customs port? Concierge services should offer a one-stop solution for your auxiliary needs. In our Paris FBO, concierge services like limousine bookings and VIP catering are available upon request.

 The Art of Waiting, Elevated at our Fixed-Base Operators

Private Jet Charter Service 

For those without their own aircraft, top-tier FBOs also offer private jet charter services. Our Cape Town FBO, for instance, provides various charter options including fixed-wing and helicopter charter right from our private terminal. 

How to Choose the Ideal Fixed-Base Operator?

Location of the FBO

Proximity to Destination 

When selecting an FBO, consider its proximity to your final destination. The closer the FBO is to your endpoint, the more time and money you will save on ground transportation. 


Airport Facilities 

Evaluate the airport facilities where the FBO is located. A well-maintained airport with multiple runways, modern navigation aids, and quick access to major highways is often indicative of a high-quality FBO. 

Services and Amenities

Fuel Services 

Inquire about the aviation fuel services provided. Check if the FBO offers competitive fuel pricing and whether they have adequate storage facilities to ensure fuel availability. 


Hangar Space 

If your aircraft will need to be stored for an extended period, check the availability and condition of hangar space. 


Ground Transportation 

Seamless ground transportation options add a layer of convenience to your journey. Check if the FBO offers chauffeur services or luxury car rentals. 


Pilot Amenities 

Flight crew restrooms, conference rooms, signature flight support, and weather-briefing services are essential amenities for pilots. Make sure the FBO you choose offers amenities for pilots. 


Passenger Amenities 

Passenger comfort should not be overlooked. Check for well-appointed lounges, catering services, and concierge services that can take care of your unique requirements. 

The Exceptional Customer Service

In an industry where personalised attention is not just preferred but expected, the quality of customer service can make or break your experience. From the promptness of your initial inquiry responses to the attention you receive upon arrival, every interaction should underscore the FBOs' commitment to exceptional service. Anything less is a compromise you shouldn't have to make. 

Business Practices and Ethics

An FBO in aviation must adhere to industry standards, and this extends to its business practices and ethical conduct. Ensure that the operator complies with international safety standards and aviation laws.  

Transparency in billing and a clear, contractual outline of services provided offer another layer of trust. An ethically run airport FBO not only protects you but also sets a standard for the industry. 

Reputation in the Marketplace

Reputation is built over time and sustained through consistently excellent service. Before finalising your FBO selection at an airport terminal, seek reviews and testimonials. Check industry ratings, if available.  

Consult with pilots and other frequent private jet travellers who may offer firsthand accounts of their experiences. A solid reputation is often a reliable indicator of what you can expect. 

At Luxaviation, our FBOs have been consistently recognised with prestigious awards from industry-leading, travel, and luxury institutions across the globe, underscoring our dedication to unparalleled quality and service.  

Additional Services

While the core services are universal, the additional services a fixed-base operator offers can greatly influence your choice. These can range from pet accommodation facilities to immediate medical flight arrangements.  

Whether it's an in-house customs and immigration service for speedy processing or the availability of special hangar facilities for unique aircraft, these additional services can convert a standard trip into a customised travel experience tailored to your needs. 

Choose the Ideal Fixed-Base Operator

A Closer Look at Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO Services Under ExecuJet

ExecuJet, a significant arm of the Luxaviation Group, stands as a global force in the private aviation sector. With an expansive network of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) spread across five continents, ExecuJet is committed to providing unparalleled facilities and services tailored to the unique needs of business aircraft, passengers, and crew. 


From accommodating up to 747-800 aircraft to offering a dedicated pet customs port of entry in Spain, the Valencia FBO provides a robust array of services. Exceptional VIP care is guaranteed by long-experienced staff, available limousine and chauffeur services, and bespoke catering options. 


Located at the serene Lake Constance, Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Eastern Switzerland offers convenient access to Zurich, Austria, Germany, and the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

St.Gallen location is operated entirely by People’s FBO and offers a uniquely hassle-free experience. With no required airport slots or passenger and luggage screenings for General Aviation flights (available on request), plus walking-distance facilities, its efficiency incarnate. 

Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO's at Valencia and St.Gallen
Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO's at Seychelles and Brussels


When it comes to breathtaking locales, Seychelles tops the list. Beyond the scenery, our FBOs offer a 5-star handling experience facilitated by professional, impeccably groomed staff. Enjoy VIP lounge amenities and flexible flight handling, all in a secure and serene setting. 


From private to military aircraft, the Brussels FBO delivers complete handling arrangements, reinforced by a dedicated, experienced staff. Additional perks include private aprons, fuel sales, and a sprawling +500 m² FBO facility.

Cape Town 

Featuring everything from diplomatic flight coordination to sustainable ground service equipment, Cape Town offers an all-encompassing experience. Special attention is given to animal travel, VIP protection services, and flexible fueling options. 


ExecuJet's presence in Sydney redefines the standards of luxury for private aviation. With premium amenities such as an on-site hangar and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility, along with dedicated car service, the conveniences on offer are unparalleled. 

Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO's at Cape Town and Sydney
Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO's at Melbourne and Auckland

ExecuJet Melbourne 

The Melbourne location at Essendon Airport boasts an MRO on-site and hangar space to fit a Global 7500. Along with fuel, catering, and transport discounts, it combines functionality and value. 


Privacy is paramount at our Auckland FBO. The facility is strategically located for enhanced discretion, with a small but luxurious lounge and a long-serving, deeply experienced team. Our Auckland FBO promotes GSE equipment and facilitates handling throughout New Zealand. 


In Paris, we specialise in diplomatic flight coordination and offer cost-efficient fuel services. Our ground equipment is sustainably powered, and we're gearing up to serve as a key hub for the 2024 Olympics. Enjoy direct aircraft access, secure parking, and on-site customs for a seamless journey. Our hangar facilities also include line maintenance by expert Luxaviation teams. 


Dubai's private FBO lounges offer both relaxation and productivity. Streamline your journey with our in-house customs services and indulge in gourmet offerings in our lounges. Transition smoothly from private to commercial flights with our unique transfer services. Our hangar facilities are secure and state-of-the-art, complete with extensive floor space and advanced security measures. 

Each FBO under the ExecuJet banner, part of the Luxaviation Group, is meticulously designed to offer specialised solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our discerning clientele. Choose Luxaviation for an FBO experience that combines global reach with local expertise, setting a new standard in aviation excellence. 

Luxaviation's Distinctive FBO's at Dubai and Paris

Elevate Your Airport FBO Experience With Us

Whether you're a high-net-worth individual, a business executive needing efficient travel, or a governmental or diplomatic mission requiring specialised service, Luxaviation's Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) under the ExecuJet brand are the gold standard in private aviation services. 

Don't just take our word for it. For your next flight, let us redefine your expectations of what a travel experience can and should be. With our expansive global network, Luxaviation is strategically positioned to bring you unparalleled convenience and luxury. 

Contact us today to experience a seamless, premium journey from takeoff to landing. Experience the high-quality FBO services that global travellers and discerning professionals choose time and again.