A Brief History

ExecuJet Is Founded in Johannesburg, Africa


From its humble beginnings in Johannesburg, ExecuJet opened its first FBO operations at Lanseria International Airport and quickly established itself as a trusted provider of ground handling services combining local expertise with international standards of excellence. With a commitment to delivering personalized and efficient solutions, ExecuJet soon garnered a reputation for unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

ExecuJet Middle East Is Established in Dubai, UAE


1999 marked a significant milestone for ExecuJet as it embarked on a new chapter by establishing ExecuJet Middle East in the vibrant city of Dubai. This strategic location became the perfect hub for ExecuJet to expand operations and cater to the growing demand for business aviation services in the region.

As ExecuJet Middle East took its first steps, it became one of the founding company members of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA). This esteemed association aims to promote and enhance the business aviation sector in the Middle East, fostering collaborations among key stakeholders and ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism across the region.

ExecuJet Australia Is Established in Sydney, Australia


ExecuJet Australia was founded in 2000 with its headquarters strategically located in the bustling city of Sydney.

As ExecuJet Australia has continued to expand and evolve, Sydney has remained the nucleus of operations, driving innovation, excellence, and growth. Today, ExecuJet continues to be a trailblazer in the Australian FBO market, winning numerous awards and industry recognition for leading customer service

ExecuJet Expands Operations in Europe and Launches FBO in Berlin


In 2006, ExecuJet made significant strides in expanding its operations within Europe launching a new Fixed-Base Operation facility in the vibrant city of Berlin. The new ExecuJet Berlin FBO quickly became a beacon of excellence, setting new standards for luxury and efficiency for private aviation in Germany. The state-of-the-art facility at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, today known as Berlin Brandenburg Airport, continues to offer a wide array of services and amenities designed to cater to the unique needs of the business aviation community.

ExecuJet Launches FBO at Dubai International Airport


In 2007, ExecuJet launched a Fixed-Base Operations facility at Dubai International Airport, expanding operations in the thriving aviation market of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai International Airport, known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and as one of the busiest airports in the world, has experienced remarkable economic growth and emerged as a global hub for business and leisure travel. The UAE's central geographical location serves as a gateway between Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it a preferred stopover and destination for many business and leisure travellers.

In the highly competitive Middle East business aviation market, the ExecuJet FBO at Dubai International Airport continues to receive truly outstanding recognition having been voted the best FBO in the UAE and Africa region. During 2022, the facility received a complete refurbishment. The entirely redesigned FBO redefines luxury, taking design inspiration from the East and West to deliver ExecuJet’s own ideology of opulence, where quality is unrivalled, privacy is paramount, and customers are the priority.

ExecuJet Expands Operations in Africa and Opens an Expansive FBO Facility in Cape Town


Since opening its doors in 1991 at Lanseria International Airport, ExecuJet had been actively developing operations on the Western Cape as the need for a bigger facility soon became apparent whilst ExecuJet Africa’s operations grew from strength to strength.

The opening of the purpose built ExecuJet FBO at Cape Town International Airport, strategically located parallel to the main runway, boasted 5,000 sqm of hangar and 7,000 sqm of dedicated ramp parking, as well as exclusive access to the taxiway and runway of Cape Town International. Upon opening, ExecuJet took occupation of the entire ground level of the new FBO facility, offering VIP lounges, secretarial services, undercover parking facilities, concierge services, helicopter transfers and a fully equipped boardroom. The new facility was quickly recognised as amongst the very best FBOs in the world for both domestic and international operators.

ExecuJet Launches Operations in Spain

In early 2011, ExecuJet chose to expand into Spain, viewing it as an area of economic opportunity. ExecuJet moved into airports serving an increasing number of international movements and saw the business grow significantly in the next few years.

Valencia FBO Opens


In February 2011, ExecuJet opened an FBO in the General Aviation Terminal at Valencia Airport, which benefitted from convenient access to the runway and 24-hour operations.

Ibiza FBO Opens


The Ibiza FBO officially opened at the end of April 2011 and comprised of two offices in the General Aviation Terminal, including an operations office for crew planning

Barcelona FBO Opens


The Barcelona FBO opened in May 2011 with the expectation that the facility would be busy all year round, catering to an extensive network of wealthy individuals that live, work and travel to Barcelona as a Spanish business hub of increasing importance.

Gerona FBO Opens


The Gerona FBO launched later in 2011, serving the expanding industrial area of Catalunya which was developing as a significant business economy.

ExecuJet Launches an FBO Facility in Lagos, Nigeria

ExecuJet responded to the rising demand for business aviation in Nigeria with the opening of a new base in Lagos, located at Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Commencing operations in October 2012, the FBO facility measured over 3,000 square metres, and benefitted from direct access to the main runway and taxiway, with a secure access way from the main road.

This further expansion in Africa highlighted ExecuJet’s desire to support modern, safety-regulated aviation services in the region to facilitate and support the expansion of many industry sectors, inevitably contributing to the advancement of an efficient, high-growth African economy.

ExecuJet Middle East Expands Dubai FBO Footprint by Launching a Standalone FBO Facility at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport


Responding to Dubai International Airport’s temporary runway closure, ExecuJet established an FBO at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport, in Dubai World Central. The FBO began as a temporary measure to counter the disruption to airport traffic from Dubai International when blanket restrictions were placed against all GA movements.

Opening in 2023, a new ExecuJet terminal at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport promises to deliver an unrivalled, truly private guest experience in the largest stand-alone facility in Dubai. The prestigious FBO will feature a presidential suite, double-story crew lounge with viewing deck and games room, airside hotel room suite, transit lounge, cigar lounge and bar. The terminal will also have discrete working and rest areas with landside access for both passengers and crew, with a Duty-Free shop, complimentary Wi-Fi, prayer rooms, television, refreshments, newspapers, and magazines. The facility will have 33,000 sqm of modern, state-of-the-art FBO amenities over three floors.

ExecuJet Joins the Luxaviation Group

Luxaviation Group, Europe’s leading business aviation group, based in Luxembourg acquires ExecuJet Aviation Group. The transaction sees Luxaviation acquire the entire share capital of ExecuJet and become the second largest corporate aircraft operator in the world.

ExecuJet Announces Strategic Partnership in Turkey With Bilen Air Service

In September 2011, ExecuJet launched two FBOs in Istanbul at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport in a strategic partnership with Bilen Air Service.

The FBO facility at Atatürk International Airport underwent a full refurbishment to incorporate the corporate style of both companies while acquiring a new 1500 sq. mt. hangar parking area with 14 business rooms and 12 storage units. The facility aimed to offer private crew restrooms with beds, TV, Internet, and showers. The hangar was located just in front of the single taxiway with access to the General Aviation Terminal.

Within a few months, ExecuJet extended the company's strategic partnership with Bilen Air Service in Istanbul to include aircraft handling at Sabiha Gokcen Airport, thus providing 24/7 support capability to the city. Within the first year of operations, there was a 25 percent increase in aircraft handled, including several BBJs, reflecting the FBO's ability to handle more and bigger aircraft.

ExecuJet Acquires the Largest FBO at Munich International Airport


In February 2016, ExecuJet announced the launch of a new fixed-base operation (FBO) in Munich, Germany. This marked ExecuJet's second handling facility in the country, with the first being in Berlin. The establishment of this FBO followed the acquisition of the former European Business Aviation Services' (EBAS International GmbH) facility.

Germany holds a significant position in the business aviation market in Europe. Munich, in particular, was strategically chosen as the location for the new facility as one of the largest international airports in Europe, known for its exceptional punctuality, as highlighted in aviation intelligence company OAG's 2015 Punctuality League report, and the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) in Munich is renowned as the preferred private jet airport in Germany.

ExecuJet Expands Operations to the Caribbean Acquiring an FBO in St. Maarten

In June 2016, ExecuJet announced the acquisition of its first FBO in the Caribbean region, at Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of St. Maarten, which was acquired from TLC Aviation.

The St. Maarten FBO offered ground handling, fuelling, air charter, flight plans, executive transport, and accommodation services for both customers and crew. In 2015, the FBO handled 1,868 movements from small light aircraft to large wide-bodied aircraft such as the A340-500.

ExecuJet was delighted to begin offering its customers support in the Caribbean region, which had been on its radar for a number of years. St. Maarten was the hub for the north-eastern Caribbean region, with access to mainland USA and Europe. Princess Juliana International Airport served as a key location for the neighboring islands and was ideally located to support the exclusive mega-yacht destinations of Anguilla, St. Barths, and St. Kitts, making it the perfect complement to the private aviation market in the region.

ExecuJet Unveils World-Class FBO at Sydney Facility


In February 2017, ExecuJet expanded its presence in Sydney, Australia, by acquiring an FBO at Sydney's Kingsford-Smith Airport, just 12km from the city center.

The FBO featured a dedicated VIP guest lounge, passenger amenities, private meeting rooms for guests in transit, and Customs & Immigration processing facilities. Passengers were provided with a range of VIP services and amenities, creating a comfortable place for relaxation before boarding.

The FBO employed a team of 20 staff members, including management, ramp coordinators, customer service agents, and administration staff. The team eagerly anticipated their role in this exciting new chapter in Sydney and the Asia-Pacific region.

ExecuJet Joins Forces With the Paragon Network


In November 2017, ExecuJet announced a strategic collaboration with Paragon Aviation GroupTM, the US facilitator of The Paragon NetworkTM, which created an enhanced network of Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) around the world.

The Paragon NetworkTM saw a significant increase in traffic as its FBOs became the preferred facilities for Luxaviation Group’s combined fleet of state-of-the-art business jets.

ExecuJet was proud to have had the opportunity to combine their expertise and create an even larger network of FBOs with a strong commitment to service excellence, bringing the expertise of two elite FBO networks together to enhance the customer experience around the world.

ExecuJet Opens New FBO in the Seychelles


ExecuJet’s Seychelles FBO was officially opened in August 2018, located at Seychelles International Airport on the island of Mahé and operated by ExecuJet in partnership with Euro Aviation Limited. The new facility was made available to all categories of general aviation and offered full FBO and ground handling services, including aircraft parking and fuel coordination, VIP passenger and crew support services, flight planning, and flight permit assistance and coordination. And provided discreet and secure airside transfers to and from the aircraft at the domestic and international terminals.

The new FBO in the Seychelles provided all ExecuJet VIP clients with direct access to one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Customers continue to experience seamless VIP services in a new and exciting environment.

ExecuJet Launches FBO in Le Bourget, Paris


In May 2020, ExecuJet announced the acquisition of the prestigious Paris-Le Bourget VIP Terminal (FBO) from Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur (ACA) Group, which was handled by its Sky Valet France company. The acquisition of the VIP Terminal FBO demonstrated ExecuJet's leadership in business aviation, despite the impending downdraft and the severe impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the industry.

With the acquisition of the prestigious Paris-Le Bourget VIP Terminal, ExecuJet was able to provide its clients with an unrivalled full-service ground handling in an unparalleled location.

ExecuJet Joins Forces With EDEIS, a Leader in Airport Management in France

In December 2021, ExecuJet partnered with EDEIS, a leader in airport management in France, to support business aviation ground handling throughout the region. ExecuJet aimed to extend international operational expertise to support and develop regional airport mobility across the EDEIS network.

The partnership benefits from combined operational expertise, commercial networks, engineering experience and regulatory insights to deliver first class, bespoke FBO services to business aviation customers at all EDEIS Airport locations.

ExecuJet Partners With Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein To Manage FBO Facility


In November 2022, ExecuJet was pleased to announce the addition of St. Gallen-Altenrhein FBO located in Switzerland to their network of prestigious FBOs and handling agents around the world. The FBO is situated at St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (LSZR) through a strategic partnership agreement with Peoples Business Airport.

The new partnership saw Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein continue to manage the facility on a day-to-day basis, now with the wider support of ExecuJet’s universal standards for customer service and safety. The facility is ideally located to cater for visitors to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, providing extensive aircraft parking space and access to this key event.

ExecuJet Launches German FBO Partnership With Kurz Aviation Service

In May 2023, ExecuJet entered into a strategic fixed-base operation (FBO) partnership with Germany's Kurz Aviation Service to extend FBO operations in Stuttgart, Cologne, and Frankfurt, as well as operate general aviation terminals in Stuttgart and Cologne.


Today, ExecuJet continues to lead the way in the business aviation industry, combining its rich heritage with innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients. With a global network of offices, facilities, and affiliates, ExecuJet remains committed to providing personalised, reliable, and seamless aviation services to its discerning clientele across the globe.

Our Vision and Mission

ExecuJet goes above and beyond to provide business aviation ground handling services that are unmatched in excellence. Our first emphasis is safety, and we relentlessly pursue the highest standards. Our goal is to create a vibrant, motivating environment where our committed team members can connect authentically and communicate freely.

However, our dedication doesn't stop there. We always act in accordance with the highest standards of morality and social responsibility. We place a high priority on protecting the environment and actively support the welfare of the communities we serve.

At ExecuJet, we believe in making a positive impact every step of the way.