Aircraft Charter

Embrace the convenience of charter air travel. With Luxaviation’s charter service, you can travel for business or pleasure wherever and whenever you want on board one of our state-of-the-art business jets.

Aircraft Management

For private jet owners, Luxaviation’s aircraft management service is expertly engineered to deliver efficiency, save time and money, ensuring an owner’s utilisation of their aircraft is enjoyable and as stress free as possible.  Luxaviation currently operates more than 260 jets and helicopters under the most stringent safety standards

Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

Luxaviation’s expertise in all segments of the business aviation industry delivers a turnkey solution for clients buying or selling a private jet.  With in-depth knowledge of international market trends and a vast network of potential buyers, sellers, and handpicked partners, Luxaviation delivers a timely, cost-effective result in line with your financial expectations..


Discover the ultimate in bespoke travel and explore the world's most idyllic retreats with full peace of mind with Luxaviation’s curated portfolio of unique travel packages interlaced with the highest standards of wellbeing. Browse through a suggested itineraries for inspiration or create your own bespoke trip of a lifetime.