Wingman Certification

ExecuJet Australia PTY Limited, has once again earned its WYVERN Wingman Certification Operator status, after successfully passing an audit conducted by WYVERN in April 2023.

The WYVERN Wingman Standard is the first audit standard in the aviation industry specifically for air charter operations. It serves as a vital benchmark, enabling customers to measure performance against industry best practices before selecting air charter services.

Vice President of Luxaviation Group's APAC division, Darren McGoldrick, highlighted that the renewal emphasizes the company's commitment to safety and maintaining high industry standards. The certification process rigorously evaluated various aspects of ExecuJet's operation, including operational activities, safety records, Safety Management System (SMS), training requirements, and maintenance operations.

WYVERN's CEO, Sonnie Bates, applauded ExecuJet Australia for its adherence to global standards and professional codes of practice in operations and aircraft maintenance. The renewal reaffirms the organization's dedication to international compliance and continuous adherence to top-tier safety protocols.