ExecuJet Sydney - Seventh Bombardier 'International' ASF Award

ExecuJet Sydney - MRO Facility was awarded with the 'International' prize at the annual Bombardier ASF Awards: Their seventh consecutive win since 2011.

Distributed at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas, this honor acknowledges ExecuJet, an integral part of the Luxaviation Group, for its enduring dedication in providing Bombardier Business Aircraft customers with exceptional quality, performance, and efficiency.

According to Grant Ingall, Maintenance Director at ExecuJet Australia: “ExecuJet in Australia continues its growth in support of both local and international clients for line and heavy maintenance inspections. The ExecuJet Sydney facility acts as head office for the region with our Melbourne and Perth bases working together to support operations across Australia."

“This award complements ExecuJet’s previous success in Bombardier’s ASF Excellence Awards including five wins for ExecuJet in the Middle East and now twice for ExecuJet in Australia. In 2014, ExecuJet’s Melbourne MRO at Essendon Airport also won ‘Best Line Maintenance Facility’.”

“These awards recognize our authorized facilities’ commitment to serving operators of Bombardier Business Aircraft with superior quality and performance, effectively supporting our mutual goal to maximize the efficiency of our customers’ operations,” said Bill Molloy, Vice-President, Aftermarket Sales and Commercial Strategy, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

This year’s win by the ExecuJet Sydney facility follows a series of maintenance initiatives by ExecuJet Australia, which contributed towards the celebration of one of its most successful Q2s to date. From May-August 2017, ExecuJet’s maintenance team in Australia provided customers with a preview of their on-board high-speed internet technology; installed ADS-Bs; and performed a number of heavy maintenance operations, including an ongoing 5-year contract supporting heavy maintenance on China-based Bombardier CRJ aircraft.