Experience Remarkable Achievements
Fleet Expansion and Gold Aviation Safety Award

ExecuJet South Africa proudly showcases remarkable accomplishments, vividly highlighting unwavering dedication to aviation excellence. Achievements underscore commitment to industry standards. Fleet expands, and Gold Aviation Safety Award received, setting high safety standards. Join us in celebrating milestones shaping aviation's future.


Fleet Expansion: Welcoming the Bombardier Global Express

ExecuJet South Africa warmly welcomes Bombardier Global Express to its charter fleet. Lanseria International Airport is home to a 13-passenger aircraft with an impressive 4,800 nautical mile range. This expansion significantly enriches charter options for Africa's discerning customers.


Safety Excellence Acknowledged: Gold Aviation Safety Award

A true testament to our unyielding commitment to safety, ExecuJet South Africa stands honored as the recipient of the esteemed Gold Aviation Safety Award, bestowed upon us by the distinguished Litson & Associates (L&A). This recognition validates our high safety standards, reinforcing our commitment to secure operations.


Showcasing at Africa Aerospace & Defence Event

As we embrace the exciting prospects on the horizon, ExecuJet South Africa remains unwaveringly committed to delivering top-tier aviation services that consistently set new industry benchmarks. Our expansive suite of offerings positions ExecuJet at the forefront. We are poised to expertly meet the evolving demands of the ever-dynamic aviation landscape.


Looking Ahead: Expanding Horizons and Elevating Services

As ExecuJet South Africa gears up for an exciting future, our team remains resolutely committed to delivering top-tier aviation services that set new benchmarks. Moreover, ExecuJet offers a range of services, including aircraft management, corporate charter, and aircraft sales. Additionally, we provide luxury travel experiences and concierge services, all tailored to the evolving aviation landscape.


Gavin Kiggen on ExecuJet South Africa's Achievements and Future Focus

Gavin Kiggen, Vice President of Luxaviation in Africa, warmly commends ExecuJet South Africa for its impressive achievements. The addition of Bombardier Global Express to our fleet shows our dedication to meeting Africa's demands. It reflects our unwavering focus on precision and excellence. Furthermore, receiving the prestigious Gold Aviation Safety Award symbolizes our commitment to safety and operational excellence.

As another sign of dedication, ExecuJet South Africa actively joins the 'Africa Aerospace & Defence' show, a dynamic platform highlighting our commitment to advancing aviation services. Kiggen emphasizes our devotion to expanding opportunities, providing excellent services, and embracing promising prospects within the aviation industry's dynamic realm.