Welcome to the future of aircraft hangars. ExecuJet Middle East proudly unveils its extraordinary aircraft hangar facility at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport. Spanning an impressive 7,000 square meters, this meticulously designed space caters to all business aviation customers' needs. With a focus on excellence, embrace top-of-the-line features, ensuring unparalleled aircraft protection for both long- and short-term hangar parking and maintenance.

A gleaming private aircraft parked in front of ExecuJet Middle East's state-of-the-art hangar facility at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport.
Front view of aircraft parked inside the hangar with a stunning night sky backdrop.

Ample Parking & Storage Space

Our hangar boasts ample room to accommodate various aircraft sizes and types. With strategically planned layouts, we facilitate efficient aircraft movement during maintenance and storage, maximizing productivity and convenience.


Cutting-Edge Security Camera System

Rest assured with our cutting-edge surveillance system, which leaves no corner unmonitored. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced video analytics, we provide round-the-clock surveillance for proactive threat detection. Our secure access control measures ensure your aircraft and valuable assets are in safe hands.


Optimal Climate Control

Your aircraft's well-being is our top priority. Our advanced air conditioning system maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels, protecting it from extreme weather conditions and moisture-related damage. We safeguard sensitive aircraft equipment and materials with precise climate control technology.


Unmatched Amenities

We prioritize comfort and convenience for visiting crew. Our spacious and well-appointed pilot and crew lounge offer a modern and relaxing environment during maintenance inputs. Conveniently located restrooms, shower facilities, and crew ensuite day rooms accessible from the hangar provide the utmost convenience for your team.


Enhanced Services & Client Facilities

Experience quick turnarounds and a seamless experience with our in-house expertise. Trust our meticulous team to deliver exceptional laundry and dishwashing service, ensuring quality care of your on-board items. Our expansive customer office space offers a sophisticated, professional environment for business meetings, complemented by modern technology for seamless connectivity.


Experience the Future of Aircraft Hangars at ExecuJet Middle East

At ExecuJet Middle East, we commit to delivering excellence in business aviation ground handling services. Our newly opened hangar facility in Dubai reflects our dedication to providing the highest level of care, security, and functionality for private aircraft. Trust us to safeguard your investment and ensure its optimal condition. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a visit to our remarkable facility.