As the torch is passed and the major sports competition beckons, France stands on the precipice of hosting what promises to be an unparalleled global spectacle. From the 26th of July to the 8th of September 2024, the eyes of the world will be riveted to Paris and various host cities across France, transforming iconic landmarks into arenas of sporting excellence.

FBO Locations x 2024 Sports Competitions

Amidst this mosaic of cultural and athletic celebrations, ExecuJet FBOs, part of the Luxaviation Group, in partnership with EDEIS, elevates the travel experience for guests flying to different cities to catch the sports action. Leveraging our partner FBO EDEIS's comprehensive network of airports across France, experience seamless FBO services. Let us connect you smoothly to the biggest sports competitions in various French cities. 

Strategic Value of EDEIS FBO Locations for Sporting Event Attendees

EDEIS FBO Locations for sport events

EDEIS FBO locations are strategically positioned across France to provide direct access to the sports venues, ensuring a discreet travel experience for spectators. EDEIS airport locations serve as vital hubs, offering proximity to sporting venues in cities like Marseille, Lyon, and beyond, facilitating efficient travel plans for attending multiple events.

  • EDEIS FBOs are your direct line to cities beyond Paris, such as Marseille and Lyon. Our network of airports significantly reduces travel times and allows spectators to experience a wider range of events. 
  • Understanding the varied audience the Paris summer sports attracts, EDEIS FBOs offer customised services to meet the needs of athletes, VIPs, and business leaders, facilitating a smooth and enjoyable visit. 
  • The FBOs provide unmatched connectivity, making it possible to attend multiple events across different cities in a single day, greatly enhancing the game experience.
City Nearest Site Airport Games Performed
Marseille Marina olympique du Roucas-Blanc Aix les Milles Airport (EDEIS) Sailing
Villeneuve-d'Ascq Stade Pierre-Mauroy Calais Marck Airport (EDEIS) Handball,
Décines-Charpieu Parc Olympique lyonnais Chalon Airport (EDEIS) Football
Marseille Stade Vélodrome Aix les Milles Airport (EDEIS) Football
Nantes Stade de la Beaujoire 1. Lorient Airport
2. Tours Val de Loire Airport (EDEIS)
Nice Stade Riviera Aix les Milles Airport (EDEIS) Football
Saint-Étienne Stade Geoffroy-Guichard Chalon Airport (EDEIS) Football
Châteauroux Centre national de tir sportif Bourges Airport (EDEIS) Shooting

Unmatched FBO Services Tailored for the 2024 Paris Sports Season

VIP Passenger Services

From the moment you step onto the tarmac, experience our commitment to your comfort and privacy, and a peaceful retreat from the event's vibrant energy. 

Our concierge support tailors your journey to perfection. From accommodations and local transport to bespoke experiences in France’s storied locales, we anticipate and cater to your every need. This personalised touch ensures a seamless and stress-free journey, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the games. 

FBO Services Tailored for the 2024 Paris Sports

Crew Services

EDEIS understands the pivotal role of your crew and extends support beyond the skies. We offer comprehensive services, including efficient transport arrangements and comfortable accommodation. Our private briefing facilities ensure that your team is always at their best. 

Within our FBOs, crews enjoy complimentary refreshments and high-speed Wi-Fi. These thoughtful amenities testify to our appreciation for their dedication, ensuring they are well-cared for throughout their stay.

Aircraft Handling 

The sophistication of our FBO services extends to the meticulous handling of your aircraft. With ample ramps and a parking hangar, we carefully accommodate your private aviation needs. Our catering arrangements are curated to delight, while our fueling services are streamlined for efficiency. 

Navigate the skies seamlessly with our coordination of ATC and airport slots. Comprehensive flight planning services, real-time weather updates, and NOTAMs ensure your journey is carefully orchestrated. 

FBO Services Tailored for the 2024 Paris Sports

Choose EDEIS FBOs for Your Summer Adventure

EDEIS FBOs are strategically situated to serve as gateways to numerous sports venues across France, offering an excellent alternative during no-fly restrictions in Paris and Marseille. The ease with which you can attend events in multiple cities maximises your time and enriches your game experience. This fast and direct access is our promise to you, delivering you from the skies to the action with unmatched convenience. 

EDEIS FBO Locations for sport events

For business leaders, VIPs, and those on special missions, the summer sports in Paris represent a spectacle of sports and a convergence of opportunities. The advantage of choosing EDEIS bespoke FBO services is that we seamlessly integrate your travel needs with your objectives. Whether it's facilitating last-minute itinerary changes to accommodate business meetings or providing the utmost privacy and security, choose EDEIS FBO services. 

A Seamless Experience with EDEIS

EDEIS FBO Locations for sport events

As the biggest sports event in Paris approaches, the opportunity to witness this unparalleled event in absolute comfort and style awaits with EDEIS. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every facet of our FBO services, promising a seamless experience. 

We invite you to discover the convenience and luxury of our FBOs at all EDEIS airport locations across France. Our bespoke services are tailored to ensure your journey to and from the competitions is memorable and exciting. 

Do not let this moment pass—an event of such magnificence, embraced by the service to match, is rare. Contact us and book your bespoke travel experience at any EDEIS airport location.