Pet Handling Services

ExecuJet operates a pet handling service at the Cambridge FBO, enabling domestic cats and dogs to travel internationally, without quarantine and overseas vet inspection.

The ExecuJet Cambridge FBO is approved by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the UK's Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).

Recent pet travel regulation changes have made it even easier to fly with your pets on private jet in the UK and Europe. Provided all the pet documentation is correct and up-to-date, ExecuJet in Cambridge is able to make all the arrangements for clients who wish to travel with their domestic pets, ensuring the animal's welfare and comfort at all times.

The ExecuJet team are well-trained in pet handling without causing any fuss or over-excitement to the animals. Under PETS, the Cambridge FBO staff check the pet's passport, travel credentials and microchip with the owner or the pet's escort in the aircraft cabin. Once the paperwork has been cleared and stamped as required, the pet will be free to disembark.

UK residents can take their pets to other European Union (EU) countries and selected non-EU countries and return with them to the UK, without the need for quarantine.

The ExecuJet FBO lounge at Cambridge airport pleasantly accommodates pets, allowing room for them to stretch their paws. There are also a number of grassy areas, suitable for dog-walking, within 2 minutes of the terminal building.

All applications to bring a pet into the UK under PETS must be made at least 48 hours before flight departure.  For more information on our pet handling service and prices, please contact the ExecuJet Cambridge FBO by phone on +44 1223 373 214 or email on