TRACE International Inc.

TRACE International Inc. (TRACE) has successfully completed a TRACE Standard due diligence review of ExecuJet Aviation (Pty) Ltd. TRACE has granted ExecuJet Aviation (Pty) Ltd a certificate of membership signifying the company's commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.   This partnership is available in: AFRICA

Private Jet Media

Private Jet Media create bespoke media solutions within the travel environment and specialise in creating brand synergies amongst the travelling elite within some of the world's most exclusive locations. Private Jet Media have been working with brands for experiential and advertising purposes within worldwide fixed based operations for over 10 years, advising global, regional and local brands from Private Banks and B2B to Luxury lifestyle brands. Private Jet Media are the experts on how to reach the influential C-Suite Executive and the Ultra High Net Worth individual.   This partnership is available in: WORLDWIDE

Art de Vivre

Renowned for its exclusive portfolio, Art de Vivre is a British brand specialising in renting the finest private villas, chalets and private islands across the world. With over 20 years’ experience in luxury villa rentals in the Indian Ocean, founder and director Julie Gauthier established Art de Vivre in 2013 to showcase the most prestigious international luxury rental properties for her loyal high net worth clients to experience. Art de Vivre offers privileged access to out of this world designer properties and the unique lifestyles they afford with their bespoke personal service. Collections include Exclusive Private Islands, British Country Estates, European Summer Villas, Worldwide Designer Villas and Authentic Alpine Chalets.   This partnership is available in: WORLDWIDE

Paragon Aviation Group

The Paragon Network™, is a distinguished group of carefully vetted independent FBO’s that provide a first-class experience for general aviation travelers across the world. FBO Network Members enjoy increased business through group networking efforts while providing additional benefits to based customers. Each independent fixed base operator joining The Paragon Network™ goes through a comprehensive audit of their facility and FBO services to ensure the quality of the member base. The Paragon Network™ is facilitated by Paragon Aviation Group™.

Luxaviation Group, formed a strategic collaboration with Paragon Aviation Group, the US facilitator of The Paragon Network, creating a new network of 52 Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) around the world, of which 25 are in the US. ExecuJet’s FBOs will join The Paragon Network doubling its size and providing a substantial international presence.  This partnership is available: WORLDWIDE

Luxury Short Safari

Luxury Short Safaris offers tailored luxury safari packages in all parts of Africa, catering for the individual needs and expectations of their clients. Some prefer a thrilling adventure, others tend towards a quieter, more relaxed time. The company creates a bespoke itinerary based on these wishes drawing on extensive experience in organising and managing African safaris for a number of years. Luxury Short Safaris are experts in making the safari a memory that can be cherished forever.   This partnership is available in: AFRICA

Discovery Safaris

Discovery Safaris is a small family run privately guided safari operator, established in 1990, specialising in personal tailor-made designed itineraries-privately guided-photographic-fly-in safaris. As Discovery Safaris, we have guided and observed wildlife through every month and season in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

Discovery Safaris was started because of a passion for Africa and its raw beauty and an intense desire to conserve and to share it with the rest of the world.  This passion was not sparked by paging through wildlife magazines or by watching hours of nature programmes on television, but by the opportunity that was given to me from a very young age to experience Africa’s wildlife first hand.   This partnership is available in: AFRICA

White Desert

White Desert has pioneered luxury travel in the Antarctic. Every year, between November and February the company operates a season of scheduled flights to the only private jet ice runway in Antarctica, Wolf’s Fang. With a maximum of 12 people on each trip, guests staying at the award winning Whichaway Camp, have the opportunity to travel to the southern most point on earth, the South Pole and to one of the rarest experiences in the natural world the Emperor Penguins.   This partnership is available in: AFRICA

In Residence

Founded and managed by Pieter Brundyn and a team of skilled professionals. In Residence is Cape Town’s only premium lifestyle management company, offering a portfolio of immaculate luxury villas supported by premier in-house concierge services. From touchdown to take-off, and whichever in-between – bespoke cuisine, hiking, winelands, two oceans, adventure, wildlife – we take care of your every need, 24 hours a day.   This partnership is available in:  AFRICA