ARGUS Platinum

ARGUS PROS (Partners and Resources for Operational Safety), is one of the largest and most respected global auditing organizations in the aviation industry. The Platinum Rating is ARGUS' highest level of quality ratings and is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.   This accreditation has been awarded to: EXECUJET SOUTH AFRICA


BARS or Basic Aviation Risk Standard Program is a joint program between the Flight Safety Foundation and the Resources Sector internationally that has created one common aviation safety standard tailored to the Resources Sector environment. The program is designed to reflect industry best practice and draw on the collective experience of numerous companies to create a pragmatic and achievable standard for all operators.   This accreditation has been awarded to: EXECUJET AUSTRALIA


The foundation of IS-BAO is the development of a safety management system to assess the risks encountered in flight operations. It is modelled on the ISO 9000 family of standards. Validation of the entire process has to be completed by an independent accredited ISBAO audit company.   This accreditation has been awarded to: EXECUJET AUSTRALIA, EXECUJET MIDDLE EAST, EXECUJET SOUTH AFRICA

NATA Safety 1st Ground Audit Standard

NATA Safety 1 st has established the NATA Safety 1 st Ground Audit Program and the standards to create a consistent operational safety standard for fixed base operators, airports, and other service providers while increasing the overall safety level of these operations. This program also provides on-demand charter, fractional, and corporate aircraft operators with an alternative to costly proprietary audits from these service providers.   This accreditation has been awarded to: EXECUJET AFRICA


Wyvern monitors all Wingman companies continuously throughout the year, and each operator also undergoes annual Wyvern on-site audits to ensure that their operations and maintenance practices continue to adhere to The Wyvern Standard. Wyvern is the most prestigious, highly recognized safety audit company in the USA. It demands safety standards of an operator far in excess of most government regulatory agencies.   This accreditation has been awarded to: EXECUJET AUSTRALIA, EXECUJET NEW ZEALAND, EXECUJET MIDDLE EAST, EXECUJET SOUTH AFRICA