Every aircraft owner's needs are different. execujet therefore provides a professional completions and acceptance management service, ensuring your aircraft is optimized for your particular requirements.

Our expert team will advise you on any aspect of the aesthetic and technical completions process. We manage everything from specification and options selection, ‘green’ aircraft inspection process and acceptance, through to the final inspection, ensuring the delivery of your aircraft is scrutinized down to the finest detail.

With our worldwide experience and reputation for excellence, ExecuJet offers completions consulting services for every make and type of business aircraft.


Our services include

Completions and Refurbishment Management

ExecuJet has provided completions management for over a decade, successfully supervising over 40 completions and refurbishment projects. By partnering with the customer throughout the entire completions process, ExecuJet will fulfil its promise to provide the highest standard in aircraft design and style, operational fit, manufacturing quality, and delivery date.

Pre Purchase Inspections and aircraft reviews

The purpose of the pre-purchase inspection is to protect the interests of the buyer. ExecuJet will professionally evaluate the obvious condition of the aircraft to ensure it is to our customers’ expectations and satisfaction. Typically, the areas of assessment of an aircraft are general condition, technical records showing maintenance status and standards, unrecorded repairs and damage, log book and technical records.

Technical acceptance

ExecuJet’s aircraft technical acceptance process involves a test flight that lasts around 2 hours. During this process every system is checked methodically to exacting standards. All associated documents attesting the aircraft’s compliance to the type certificate and conformity of the technical specification allowing the issuance of the Certificate of Airworthiness.

Documentation review

ExecuJet is accomplished at the necessary document review of an aircraft as both part of an Aircraft Survey or pre-purchase inspection as well as a standalone service to ensure the aircraft is in a good salable condition.

aircraft survey at the end of oem warranty

ExecuJet are experienced in working closely with aircraft owners and OEMs in order to perform an aircraft survey at the end of an OEM warranty, typically when an aircraft is 2 years old. ExecuJet will manage all claims covered by the aircraft warranty to ensure our customers’ aircraft remains in the highest standard in aircraft design and style, operational fit and manufacturing quality.